For many older adults, the thought of nursing home placement, whether it is a short or long term placement, is both a frightening and overwhelming experience. For most people, there is a huge unknown. As either the person themselves or their family struggles to this adjustment, they soon discover that they are lost in the maze of care concerns which they now face. What constitutes quality care in a nursing facility? What should they expect? What are they entitled to? And how much should they worry about nursing home abuse and elder neglect?

Guardians Of Care, LLC will act as a private nursing home advocate for the person who now finds themselves in a nursing facility. As a private nursing home patient advocate, we will guide and advise our clients and their family on the quality of care being delivered in the nursing facility. We do this through a review of the medical records, the assessments completed, the plans of care, interviews with the resident and family members, and direct observations of the nursing facility environment.