1. How To Rate Nursing Home Quality of Care…and Quality of Life

    _ When it comes to choosing a nursing home, it can be an incredibly difficult decision to make. After all, a nursing home can be putting its best foot forward during your visit, but it often takes someone living there before you actually know if the nursing home is right for them. (Choosing a nursin…Read More

  2. Why Is Nursing Home Quality of Care Becoming More Necessary?

    _ In our most recent article, we discussed the increasing need for nursing homes in America and why choosing a nursing home is getting much more difficult. The fact is, more nursing homes are needed because a) people are living longer than ever thanks to vaccinations, sanitation, safer surgeries, an…Read More

  3. Why Is Choosing A Nursing Home Becoming More Difficult?

    _ We know that choosing a nursing home in northern Illinois can be difficult, and in some ways it’s getting more so. That’s because there’s an increasing need for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, while the supply of them is often lagging. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems t…Read More