We’d like to thank you for stopping by Guardians of Care, serving residents of Skokie and the surrounding Chicago suburbs by ensuring that their loved ones are getting the best possible nursing home quality of life available. We’re advocates for the elderly who live in nursing homes, and we’re here to make sure that they get the best care possible. That includes making sure that nursing home actions are legal and ethical and that the resident is getting the care they deserve.

Guardians of Care is here to help the elderly before, during, and sometimes even after their time in an assisted living facility. Here’s how.

Help During the Transition

Moving into a nursing home can be a difficult time for anyone. A person who has had autonomy since they were 18 years old suddenly has to give up a great deal of it when they’re 75 and moving into a nursing home.

At Guardians of Care, we’ve helped countless people with the transition from their own residence and into a nursing home. Not only can we help with choosing a nursing home that’s right for them and their families, but we can also help with admissions into the facility.

Educate Everyone Involved

In order to get the best possible nursing home quality of care, it’s crucial that everyone involved knows exactly what care is expected, what is legal, and what is ethical. First, this means talking with the resident of the nursing home (if they are lucid) so that they know what is and what is not allowable in a nursing home. After all, if they have never lived in a nursing home before, they might not know what is acceptable behavior by the staff and how a facility should be run.

Second, we will educate the loved ones of the resident. The loved ones are often the people hiring us to ensure their elderly relative is getting the care they deserve. By educating them about proper nursing home procedures, they will be able to watch for signs of nursing home abuse or neglect.

Monitor the Resident

Of course, monitoring the resident while they’re actually in the nursing home is a big part of being a nursing home advocate. We check in on them to make sure that they are getting the best nursing home quality of care possible, which includes checking for signs of physical and mental abuse. We’ll also make sure dietary needs are taken care of and that the facility has the proper nursing staff on hand.

Ensure Discharge Rights Are Upheld

When a resident leaves the nursing home facility — whether because they’re moving in with a relative, transferring to a hospital, or moving to another nursing home — it’s important to make sure that their rights are still being upheld. Find out more about this important step right here.

Ready to Ensure The Rights Of Your Loved One?

The best way to make sure your loved one is receiving the best quality of care in a nursing home is to talk with Guardians of Care. We’ll be nursing home advocates for them to ensure they are receiving the care to which they’re entitled. Contact us today to learn more.