Choosing a nursing home and moving in is a big change, but it can be a good one! Nursing homes improve health, diet, and comfort for many people every day. The key is choosing a team who knows what good care looks like and can help you know what to look for in a nursing home. Care is more than helping with daily needs or supporting surgery recovery; it’s a legal activity, and you have rights. Guardians of Care, LLC and our nursing home advocates are here to support you and make sure your needs are being met in every aspect of nursing home life, including the food you eat. The following are areas we cover:

  • Diet appropriateness
  • Meal plan adherence
  • Food preparation/palatability/temperature
  • Meal frequency
  • Availability of adaptive eating equipment/utensils
  • Proper sanitation in food preparation/distribution/storage
  • Garbage and refuse disposal

Many people move into nursing homes without understanding their rights, which can lead to inferior care at even the best nursing home. Our nursing home patient advocates protect people and make sure their care teams are treating them correctly. Our two decades of experience in the nursing home industry have equipped us to effectively inform and defend nursing home residents and their families. Whether you have some questions or your nursing home needs to be investigated, contact us. We’re here to help you, so contact us today!