In contrast to assisted living communities, nursing homes have a more significant healthcare focus. You’ll see nurses and certified nurse assistants (CNAs) who help with daily activities as well as provide healthcare services. At Guardians of Care, LLC, our nursing home advocates have a thorough knowledge of care facility standards and their legal ramifications. As private healthcare advocates, we’re passionate about defending nursing home residents and their families, ensuring they get the best nursing home quality of care possible.

Every patient in a nursing home has legal rights, including the right to good care. Guardians of Care, LLC has identified key areas that indicate a nursing home’s ability to provide good nursing services, and you’ll find them below.

  • Sufficient nursing staff available on a 24-hour basis
  • Use of charge nurse and Registered Nurse (RN)

When you or your family contact us for advice on the quality of care you’re experiencing, we’ll gather information on the above items. Though direct observations, interviews with yourself and your family, and assessments of care plans and medical records, we’ll get a good picture of what kind of nursing home advocacy you need. We’ll educate you on the care you should receive, including elder abuse warning signs, and give you a clear path forward to improvement. Contact us today to get started.