As private nursing home advocates for care facility residents and their families, we are passionate about defending your right to excellent care. More than 20 years of experience in the industry have shown us common pitfalls and places where care providers make mistakes or try to cut corners, and we want to use our expertise to help you choose a nursing home or ensure your current one is providing the best care possible.

Life at even the best nursing homes is multifaceted and complex. We don’t neglect any part of it, because you have rights in every area. From food to health care to your physical surroundings, you have rights! When we dive into your nursing home’s living environment, here are the aspects we’ll explore.

  • Health/safety of the facility
  • Condition of essential equipment
  • Resident call system status
  • Secure corridor handrails
  • Effective pest control programs
  • Census per room (no more than four residents)
  • Square footage per room
  • Room – access to exit corridor
  • Room – assurance of visual privacy
  • Room – at least one window to the outside
  • Room – sufficient toilet and bathing facilities

When it comes to making sure your nursing home is meeting reasonable standards, Guardians of Care, LLC and our team of nursing home patient advocates is ready to help. Bring us your questions and concerns, and we’ll bring every resource to the table to protect your interests. Contact us today.