Moving into a nursing home is a big change, but many families find it worthwhile because they need care. However, it’s not worth moving into a nursing home if you’re not going to get the excellent care you need. Whether you’re the one in the nursing home or you’re the worried family, the nursing home patient advocates at Guardians of Care, LLC is here to assess the situation and make sure your care facility is honoring your rights.

Our resident assessment gives us a comprehensive view of your care and makes it easy to spot places where your needs aren’t being legally met, up to and including elder neglect and abuse. It’s consistent, in-depth, and perfect for giving you peace of mind. The following is a list of what we include:

  • Physician orders at admission
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Assessment frequencies no later than 14 days
  • Assessment after significant change
  • Assessment every 12 months
  • Quarterly review of assessments
  • Coordination with professionals for assessment accuracy
  • Development of comprehensive care plans
  • Review of comprehensive care plans
  • Assessment of professional standards
  • Qualified services in accordance with care plans
  • Discharge summary
  • Post-discharge plan of care
  • PASRR requirements for MI and MR residents
  • Access to 15 months of MDS records

Since 2017, Guardians of Care, LLC has worked hard to protect the rights of nursing home residents. We educate, assess, and interview to make sure that our clients are getting the nursing home quality of care they deserve. Contact us to get started today!