The best nursing homes all have one thing in common: they preserve their residents’ rights. However, no nursing home is perfect. At Guardians of Care, LLC, we’re passionate about protecting your rights and helping your chosen nursing home give you the best care. We are nursing home patient advocates who fight for your rights through client interviews, staff interviews, direct observation, and medical record reviews.

One of the major areas we focus on is resident behavior and facility practices. While many different situations are possible within a given day, you have several rights that cannot be lost, including the following:

  • Freedom from physical restraints
  • Freedom from chemical restraints
  • Freedom from nursing home abuse
  • Correct treatment by staff

No matter what nursing community you call home, no matter who staffs it, and no matter what’s happening with your health, the above rights simply don’t change. However, it can be difficult to identify subtle rights violations, especially when they’re framed as necessary or normal. That’s why Guardians of Care, LLC is here. Whether a rights violation is obvious or not, we can bring clarity, education, and clear steps forward and identify elder abuse and neglect.

The Guardians of Care, LLC team has been working in nursing home rights for more than two decades, and we have a comprehensive understanding of how your nursing home can serve you best. Whether you’re living in a nursing home or your loved one lives in a nursing home, we are here to serve you. Contact us to get started today.